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Cristiano Ronaldo is 'in a gay relationship with kickboxer

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My name is Patience and I am constantly asked to spell it an actual WORD from the dictionary. Very annoying! Other than that I love my name

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only two names on the list i would even consider, hattie and willow. my sisters name leona she was given my grandmothers middle name and my grandmothers middle name was her mothers name so it is a family name.

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If we 8767 re talking about unfortunate names, white parents are hardly blameless. I 8767 m talking to you, people who abuse spelling to call your kids things like McKenzee or Breayanna.

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Yeah, these unique names aren 8767 t quite so unique when everyone is doing it. Most have to spell their surnames & now have to spell their first names. A big waste of time, but then again, that 8767 s the way the country is heading, slow everyone down because I 8767 m special.

Interesting. I would have thought at least a few of the following names would have been in the list: Viola, Violet, Sabrina, Esther, Eleanor, Francesca, Gwendolyn, Phyllis, Francis, Basil, Penelope, Conrad, Byron, Michaela, Darlene, Vivienne, Jameson, Jezebel, Frederick, Cary (for boys), Alvin, Lloyd, Arthur, Leslie (for boys), Matilda, Grace, or Jeremiah.

Office politicians are those who are obsessed with what others are doing and how it affects them, instead of being focussed on completing their own task at hand.

The Channel 9 figure joined a list of Australian commentators to point out that a number of Saudi stars did stand in solidarity with Socceroos players before their world cup qualifier during the minute of silence for the London Bridge terror attacks.

We are in America if anyone hasn 8767 t noticed. It is white America no matter if we have a biracial president. If u have a name that 8767 s not English origin at some point u will be asked about your name get over it. I 8767 m black and my kids are Malik and Nessiah Victoria. I didn 8767 t give a damn about what the American government would think about my babies name or anyone else.

Most typical names are very old, and have been spread and changed everywhere that the human race as migrated to. I think to worry about how someone spells their name is just stupidity.

I know people with nearly all names listed. I would guess Cybele was shoved aside for an alternative spelling like Sibyl. Hattie is really a nickname for Harriet. I bet Leona lost altitude with the little people because of Helmsley.

A comedian (I believe Hispanic) made an interesting comment about Leonard Bernstein 8767 s classic musical West Side Story. He said the balcony scene was not believable, because in a Puerto Rican neighborhood at that time, if you yelled up at an apartment building, 8775 Maria! 8776 , there is no way that only ONE girl would respond!

Penolepe, Gertrued, Helen, May, Ella, Grace, Josephine, Betty/Elisabeth, Dotty, Dorthy, Opel, Betty Joe, Bonney, Bunny, Caroline, Mable, Ginger, Ruth, Martha, Lucile, Patty, Audry, Burnice, Just a few in our family, only back to the 6885s.

White people do it too. I heard a of a girl named Duvet because her parents wanted her to be a comfort to people. A duvet is a comforter cover. 75 percent of the world thinks our names are weird.

I like your name and your kid 8767 s names. But the point is that minority children with fairly standard names might at least have a chance to get to an interview to show off their appropriate manners, clothing and speaking skills. If their resume reflects an obvious 8775 minority 8776 name and gets tossed in the trash, they may not even get that chance to break the stereotypes that too many racist people still hold. Just sayin Why stack the deck against them?

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