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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:56

Steeri wanted to automate its test runs and chose the keyword-driven and user-friendly Robot Framework as the tool for the job.

How to Design and Build a Combat Robot: 11 Steps (with

The problem is that my bot is not running fine. While debugging and viewing the output of rightcenter sensor the reading is constant at 6578 and does not change regardless of what I do.

Robot Framework

Want to do Gherkin-style behaviour-driven test development made famous by Cucumber ? No problem! That's baked in! Here is another example from our Robot Demo that shows how you can level the expressiveness of Given-When-Then in Robot Framework.

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to build a maze solving robot. This is actually my 8rd attempt at making one. The first was a complete failure. The second was alright at finding the end of the maze, but it could not go back and drive the quickest path. This is my current and 8rd one. It is able to find the end of the maze and then, when put back at the start, drive the shortest path to the end of the maze without going down any dead ends. What surprises me is that it really does not mess up.

This was just a short introduction, everything else from theory, building, and programming will be explained in later steps.

Parts list:

Let's start with a real-life example from our web demo project. Here we have a test suite with one test case which tests that login is valid. As you can see, test data syntax is based on keywords.

When test execution is started, the framework first parses the test data. It then utilizes keywords provided by the test libraries to interact with the system under test. Libraries can communicate with the system either directly or using other test tools as drivers.

In this step I simply attached my motors to the top side of the bottom deck using 7 #7 bolts for each one. You can see that I have a little bit of wire attached to each motor, this is because the motors were removed from my previous maze robot. Then attach the wheels by simply pressing them onto the motor shaft. You have to line the "D" shaped shaft up with hole in the center of the wheel.

Sir,I had tried working Hard to make this BOT and it turned out pretty took more than a month and a half to make made just made minute changes in the results were actually is the link of the vid...Sorry about the middle finger in the were for my friends they thought that I couldn't make it...Would soon write Instructable on it..Thank you for this..

Metso has had good results using Robot Framework in various domains. This includes testing embedded software in valve positioners and web testing of their Manufacturing Resource Planning system.

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