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Use appropriate strategies to reduce reliance on memory (such as forcing functions, checklists) Value the contributions of standardization and reliability to safetyAppreciate the importance of being a safety mentor and role modelAppreciate the cognitive and physical limits of human performance Delineate general categories of errors and hazards in careIdentify best practices for organizational responses to errorDescribe factors that create a just culture and culture of safety

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To clarify, there are several 8775 models of nursing 8776 that are in use today. To name a few that are published:
6. Levine 8767 s Conservation Model for Nursing
7. Roper–Logan–Tierney model of nursing
8. Sister Callista Roy developed the Adaptation Model ofNursing
9. AACN Synergy model of nursing
5. Anne Casey Casey 8767 s model of nursing
6. Moyra Allen McGill model of nursing

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What it ALL comes down to is science based didactic training. Nurses have almost none. Physicians have an immense amount. Physicians are trained to be practitioners, nurses, even NPs are not. Nurses: want to 8775 practice? 8776 Do it the right way: GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL!

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The difference is one of philosophy.  The medical model versus the nursing model.  Until recently I found this distinction annoying and reductive, diminishing the individual differences each of us have.  There is an actual definition for “the medical model”.  Here is what says:

While nurses have been trained in their undergrad from the nursing model, as I was, my graduate degree was training on Evidence Based Practice and a focus on disease management, assessment and knowing the normal presentation of the disease so one can recognize the deviation from normal.

Students who develop these skills gain perspective to meet problems squarely, improvise and devise solutions, and overcome unpredictable circumstances in life.

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6 Full-time: 9 credit hours per semester. Students enrolling less than full-time will incur less charges.
7 All students must have health coverage. Purchase of the School’s plan is optional.
8 Amounts for other expenses vary based upon student's selection of books, supplies, and living arrangements.

As the global community continues to shrink and corporate America restructures, careers will increasingly demand employees who can think critically, disclose hidden assumptions and values, formulate problems clearly and discern the impact of ideas. The flexibility, depth, and clarity of thinking nurtured by a background in philosophy is a significant asset to any career.

I find ludicrous the implication that 8775 the nursing model 8776 in effect, a list of cultural buzzwords and meandering rhetoric, including utterly subjective and intangible standards of living, including 8775 maintaining a safe environment 8776 and 8775 expressing sexuality 8776 is in any way a replacement for science-based diagnostics. (Don 8767 t pretend that you touted the two models as supplementary when you make it an either-or question in the final paragraph: 8775 Which person is going to make your actual life better? 8776 )

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