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You should be offered a chance to talk about contraception and discuss which method you would like to use after the abortion. Sometimes the clinic can provide you with your chosen method or if they cannot they will tell you where you can get it.

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To make this easier, tablets containing misoprostol are sometimes inserted into the vagina before the procedure is carried out to help soften the cervix. To reduce any discomfort or pain during the abortion there is a choice of pain relief. A local anaesthetic can be injected into the cervix or you can have a light general anaesthetic so you are asleep during the procedure. Some women choose conscious sedation – drugs that make you sleepy but you stay conscious during the abortion procedure – you won't remember everything that happens during the abortion.

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Yes. For most women an abortion is safer than having a baby. Abortion is not entirely risk-free, but problems are less likely to occur when abortion is performed early in pregnancy, when local anaesthetic is used and steps are taken to reduce any infection after the abortion. You will be told about any possible complications relating to the type of abortion you have.

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Vacuum aspiration (sometimes called suction abortion) involves a small tube being inserted into the vagina, through the cervix (entrance to the uterus) and into the uterus to remove the pregnancy by suction.

The information on this page is about abortion. It gives you information about getting an abortion and what is involved. It tells you about the different types of abortion and what effects they may have.

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It is very unlikely that the abortion will happen after taking only the mifepristone, but very occasionally it can happen. Some women change their mind about the abortion after they have taken mifepristone. Although studies so far do not show that mifepristone is associated with any risk of fetal abnormality, women are advised to continue with the abortion once they have taken mifepristone. You will be given a 79-hour contact telephone number in case you are worried or would like to talk to someone at any time.

You may feel relieved or feel sad or you may have mixed feelings. These are natural reactions. Only a few women experience any long-term psychological problems and those women who do often had similar problems before pregnancy.

If you are undecided about what to do, see Pregnant and don’t know what to do? for information about your options, including abortion, adoption and keeping the baby.

If you’re thinking about adoption , you can choose to place your child for adoption at any point in your pregnancy. You may even be able to start the adoption process after the baby is born. Your timeline for making an adoption plan depends on you and your individual needs and situation.

An article titled \"Managing change in the nursing handover from traditional to bedside handover---a case study from Mauritius\" details the use of Lewin's and Spradley's theories to implement a change in the process of handover reports between nurses. The driving force in this case was dissatisfaction with the traditional handover method, while the resistant forces were a fear of accountability, lack of confidence and fear that this change would lead to more work. Evaluation of the implemented change showed that the new process was successfully implemented.

The doctor or nurse will ask you questions about your medical history to ensure that you are offered a suitable abortion method and they will ask you about your sexual history to check whether you should be tested for chlamydia or other sexually transmitted infections.

Whatever method of abortion is chosen, you will have some period-type pain or discomfort. The later the abortion the more painful it might be. You will always be offered and advised about appropriate pain relief for this.

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