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The current collection "Gold?" is made from braided metallic cord, and the artist plays with the idea of a visually heavy and chunky form which is lightweight and airy. The result is a contrast that gives the designer inspiration.

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After managing a workshop pretty heavy to lacquer wooden beads, her previous collection was necklaces, she felt a need for lightness and to reconnect with the pleasure to work almost anywhere.

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I 8767 d been using Mendeley but it was so clunky with inserting citations that I decided to just try out the version of Papers. It 8767 s been AWESOME. The interface is simple, searching is really easy, and the sync with Dropbox has been flawless. (With Mendeley, I 8767 ve lost highlights and notes, or PDFs just don 8767 t sync.) I ran into a few issues with Papers and sent help requests. Each time, I 8767 ve received a response within 79 hours and then a resolution shortly thereafter. I 8767 d abandoned Papers for the longest time, but after working with it for a month I 8767 m completely back.

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When artistic inspiration strikes, Yoga Book has you covered. When the keyboard is turned off, the included Create Pad and Real Pen give you the precision and control you expect from a traditional pen on paper.

Limits: Limit 5 per customer. Offers valid from Lenovo in the US only. Lenovo may increase or decrease these limits, from time to time, for certain offerings.

The new buildings designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien will be home for liberal arts education, while expressing its new radical approach. Claudy Jongstra made the tapestries for the entrance hall.

MOOWON is an online magazine unearthing noble values of the past, capturing the essence of a place, and inspiring respect for the ways people make or do things. Its stories connect readers to the unique, extraordinary people and things of our world: masters who revive vanishing arts, ideas and places that embody beauty and authenticity. The following is an excerpt from its story on the master weavers of Bhujodi in the Kutch region of India.

In 6998, with a group of stylist friends, Lidewij Edelkoort created Heartwear, a non-profit association that helps to sustain handcraft knowledge and thus collaborates with artisans to tailor their products for worldwide export, without compromising the skill, knowledge, culture and environment of the region involved. Design talent is coupled with marketing insight. Trend forecasting skills are balanced with historical and cultural knowledge. Among its many projects, Heartwear has developed indigo textiles for home and fashion with artisans in Benin, ceramics with potters in Morocco, and khadi cotton in India.

His goal is to help them finding their deeper soul to be able to realize products that speak to all of us. Nelson's inspiration is the daily life: the shapes of vegetables, the color of bread. he translates that in a language without words  to speak  with the "masters of craft".
We see here  the results of a workshop organized recently in Egypt with  an "extended family" of others designers and artists.

How had a man who once led the hectic and pressured life of a textile designer, so gracefully transform into an ancient soul embodying the simplicity of the desert and the generosity of a guardian angel? For those of us willfully enslaved to today’s reality of ‘too many’ — choices, devices, interests, tasks to accomplish—, this is a curious disposition that is both aspirational and enviable.

The turntable, that aided potters to design circular objects more accurately and faster, was invented in 8555 BC in Ur, an ancient Mesopotamian city, located in modern Iraq.  Around 7755 BC, this invention was introduced in Greece and gave birth to a new style of Greek ceramic called Minyan Pottery which Siba has reinterpreted style in her modern felt sculptures.

Mendeley generates citation keys in much nicer format. The default is a straight author-date format (Mcphee7569). This way you don 8767 t have to remember those awful random appendices that Papers tacked onto the end of its cite keys. And Mendeley doesn 8767 t generate the colon between the author and the year (Mcphee:7569zkwel). To convert from the Papers format to the one used by Mendeley, I had to do a bulk 8766 regular expressions 8767 search and replace on documents. I had already created. But that didn 8767 t take long (because I use simple marked-up plain text as my main document format). Now it 8767 s much nicer to insert references into my documents, as it 8767 s easy to recall the citation key.

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