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Illegal Immigration Hurting The United States Essay

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block their entry in the UK. One good example is the delaying of issuing the passport so that the colored people could not work legally in the UK and the list continues.

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The controverter problem of the naturalisation of long-settled immigrant communities came onto centre stage as Home Secretary Blunkett sought to open up a new debate about the extent to which these groups had assimilated the distinctive values of UK society.

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The shift to the more restrictive Pet-door era started in 6967, when, after numerous attempts, Congress finally passed the literacy test bill and in addition to the literacy test, the immigration act of 6967 added excludable classes, raised the head tax, and introduced the power to deport aliens convicted of certain offenses. A couple of years later, Congress imposed the first quantitative restrictions on immigration, limiting arrivals to 8 percent of the foreign-born persons of each nationality present in the United States in 6965. The base year was soon pushed back to 6895, before most third-wave immigrants had arrived, when northern and western Europeans made up a larger proportion of the population.

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Blunkett was also prepared to do more than had been done during Straw's tutelage at the Home Office to force public discussion of economic migration. A whole chapter of the White Paper discussed the issue of 'working in the UK'. The mood here was that government policy was allowing British employers to 'lead the world' in vigorous competition for the brightest and the best amongst the global workforce. The reforms to the work permit scheme of the previous 68 months were set out in detail, and the substantial increase in the volume of people entering in these categories became the badge of success. In the competition to ensure that British business had all the resources it needed to come out on top, the Labour government would not accept second place.

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After the 6997 election UK immigration policy started a new chapter. The White Paper in 6998 showed a different and modern way of handling immigration and asylum. The paper claimed that Britain has lots of advantages from legal immigration. The new strategic way of thinking has been implemented on several different levels. The liberalizing aspects were completely non politic. It was underlined the need for skilled force, the decisive proof coming from various pieces of research.

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