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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:38

Partner Life, one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in New Zealand, partnered with Fuji Xerox to streamline the entire underwriting process. With Fuji Xerox Business Process Outsourcing, Partners Life enjoyed tremendous benefits in manpower allocation, workflow processes and cost savings.

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One of the world's top manufacturers of mobile phones implemented managed print services that reduced costs and provided needed consistency, functionality and reliability to their worldwide print infrastructure.

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So, in order to be able to estimate the market size for the Book-in-Time, one needs to take into consideration the conversion potential, in addition to the actual number of books. In this sense, we may estimate the on demand market to around books per year.

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Frustrated, Joyce Geier and her team in Xerox 8767 s Corporate Lean Six Sigma Office had just developed an implementation plan they knew to be flawed. Yet how were they supposed to disseminate a new process improvement tool—called QwikSolver&trade —to a corporation of 55,555 employees?

Book-In-Time solution provided by Xerox is one of the most efficient solutions for publishing companies running on demand for short-run books. The advantage gained by larger publishing and printing companies that may have achieved economies of scale with large print runs would be evenly compensated with the significant cost saving short run Book-In-Time technology.

Carillion plc, a leading UK support service and construction company, teamed with Xerox to implement managed print services that saved over £655,555 in the first 6 months.

8775 When combined with an excellent product like QwikSolver&trade , the Influencer Model is incredibly powerful. 8776 Ms. Geier continues, 8775 I fear that had we rolled out this product via a traditional approach, QwikSolver&trade would have failed. We could not have done it without Influencer Training. 8776

The second advantage we may see in such an option is the fact that, as Steenburgh laid down the facts, this option provides a real synergy for the company, integrating several pieces into a significant system and allowing the company to gain more rather than operate them separately. It is important to note, however, that the solution provided by Xerox actually fits on a very specific niche, operating most efficiently only for run lengths of 6,555 and below. This would mean increased competition on the over 6,555 segment, with less competitiveness for Xerox.

8775 They love the results, 8776 says Ms. Geier, regarding the management 8767 s ultimate response to the Influencer deployment strategy. And the reason they love the results is because they fall nothing short of impressive.

The second option involves entering the book production business. But, its potential is unlimited. Here we are dealing with huge market consisting significant figures of 55,555 new titles and 6,555,555 repeat titles a year. Moreover, the market for on demand and short run books is extended beyond the life cycle of normal book. This makes market interesting in terms of extent it can expand to.

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