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There is a viral video circulating right now of a group of strangers coming together to help free a Montreal bus stuck in the snow. That video could equally be used to confirm a particular narrative about Quebec or Montreal, one that conflicts with the image presented here.

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Very often, women with allegations do not or cannot bring charges. Very often, those who do come forward pay dearly, facing off against a justice system and a culture designed to take them to pieces. A reporter s role isn t to carry water for those women. But it is our obligation to include the facts, and to take them seriously. Sometimes, we re the only ones who can play that role.

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But more importantly, I ve approached the case as an attorney and a reporter, and found her allegations to be credible. The facts are persuasive and well documented. I won t list them again here, but most have been meticulously reported by journalist Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair . The only final legal disposition is a custody ruling that found Woody Allen s behavior grossly inappropriate and stressed that measures must be taken to protect [Dylan].

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Online Trump world took that tweet and transformed it into a campaign of harassment directed against me and my wife that continues to this day — all of it sexually charged, all of it disturbing. My wife is a tough woman. She’s a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. The notion that she can no longer open her Twitter timeline without seeing men boasting about having sex with her while I was gone — or even while I’m home — is intolerable. It’s relentless, and it often gets under even her very thick skin.

Potter 8767 s article suggests that there is no solidarity in Quebec when compared with the rest of the country. Once again a deep misunderstanding. We pay huge taxes to make sure that all have services and these are often more generous than those offered in the rest of the country.

Such a pansified culture is going nowhere. I hasten to add I don’t mean “pansified” in the sense of penetrative sex with other men, but in the Sarah Silverman sense of “I mean ‘gay’ like ‘retarded.’” Miss Silverman can get away with that kind of talk because she’s a Pajama Boy–friendly ironist posing as a homophobic disablist. Unless, of course, she’s a homophobic disablist posing as a Pajama Boy–friendly ironist. Maybe we should ban her just to be on the safe side.

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This is really amusing. It 8767 s like you 8767 re trying super really effing hard to discredit yourself. It is clear that you have never bothered to pick up the text of Bill 656 and read it. You are proof that Bill 656 is needed because French can sure as hell not be left in the hand of people the likes of you.

And then there are the countless officials who have been embarrassed in the media for sexual impropriety, including the aforementioned Bill Clinton. Eliot Spitzer. Anthony Weiner. David Vitter. John Ensign. Chris Lee. Vito Fossella. Mark Foley. Dennis Hastert.

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