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But there are some helpful guidelines: The Australian Council for the Arts developed a set of protocols for working with Indigenous artists that lays out how to approach Aboriginal culture as a respectful guest, who to contact for guidance and permission, and how to proceed with your art if that permission is not granted. Some of these protocols are specific to Australia, but the key to all of them is finding ways for creativity to flourish while also reducing harm.


That thought did occur to me but with the high standard of debate around here I don 8767 t need to worry about ad hominem attacks, right? :-) Besides, I think Eric needs a better target for his fulminations than Michael Moore.

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Your entire post seems to be pointing out that Americans don 8767 t well engage in ideological battle, but then you fall right into one of the traps yourself.

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8775 In the panoramic sweep of history, Fascism, like Communism, like all forms of socialism, and like today 8767 s greenism and anti-globalism, is the logical result of specific intellectual errors about human progress. 8775

I think a better one-sentence summary (less cartoony) is 8775 We deserve to be destroyed because we support the House of Saud, who are oppressors. 8776

CAIR was never charged with a crime. To call them a terrorist organization or front for Hamas is rather lazy research for an author. They still operate today on Capitol Hill. Unless you have better evidence than the CIA, I 8767 d suggest you touch up on your facts. The link you posted is an absolute tin-foil nutjob website and nothing more. They want 8775 nothing more than to spread Sharia law 8776 throughout the USA? Why discredit your valid points by linking directly to that utter nonsense? It destroys your validity completely.

It would be an odd sort of colonialism, one that didn’t rely on labor by the locals. In some sense, it would be like agriculture’s effects on local wildlife.

Well, actually I do mean all goods are fungible. Indeed, energy is a particularly good example of material fungibility. As a side note while there are thermodynamic limits to energy efficiency, I don 8767 t think they really come to bear here unless you assume that energy production will always be limited by the supply of fossil fuels and that our objective is to be so efficient that it never runs out (clearly, not a good ultra-long-term position).

Religious Practitioners. Christian priests, ministers, pastors, and deacons lead weekly services and conduct marriages and funerals. A number of people are recognized as clairvoyants and diviners, working sometimes within and sometimes outside the Christian churches. These people, who are often women, divine the causes of disease and other misfortunes, locate lost objects, and sometimes undertake antisorcery campaigns to uncover poesen (sorcery paraphernalia) hidden in a village. Other people specialize in rain, wind, earthquake, tidal wave, and other sorts of magical practice. Many ni-Vanuatu also suspect the existence of sorcerers.

Mormons have a disporportinately large representation in the armed forces, because patriotism is still a virtue in their church. In the US, members are asked point blank if they are members of, 8775 the Communist Party or any other group dedicated to overthrowing the . government? 8776 A yes answer means excommunication.

Its not only political, its economic, its social, its the whole box and dice. You seem to forget your empire has been busy asmmasing resources, and wealth from all over the global through all sorts of means many quite horrific. Notice all of the wealthier people from poor countries flee to the US/UK when they are in trouble.. notice that your country so full of wealth, simply becomes a becon of greed, and capitalistic urges 8775 buy buy buy 8776 is the cry, if you arent using the gun or the world bank to do your work for you.

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