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Ethnic Groups Essay

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Abstract: The thesis is concerning on the differences of the Ethnic groups of UK and USA from different aspects. The history influences the roots of the people, which made the population of the two countries. And it shows the roles the different ethnic groups play in their society and their living conditions of now and future and how the different groups influenced on their culture, social system and languages, which are very unique in the world of the two countries.

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In USA, more people are living in cities. The USA is known as a nation of immigrants because many of its people descend from settlers who come from all over the world. The Hispanics and colored people are still discriminated in one way or another. Colored people used to be segregated from white people. Many places are not opened for colored people. Colored children and

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Barclays quickly picked up on the negative atmosphere towards them in the areas they had closed the branches and announced that they had agreed a deal allowing customers to pay cash and cheques and withdraw cash from their local post office. The bank arranged this in 655 of the 676 areas were they had closed the banks. Barclays said that they hoped that the deal with the post offices would help to keep them open in areas they were they too were under threat. However locals complained that the new service was no substitute for full time banking facilities.

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In a group, you probably will be most helped and satisfied if you talk about your feelings. It is important to keep in mind that you are the one who determines how much you disclose in a group. You will not be forced to tell you deepest and innermost thoughts.

Barclays Stage Partner aims to allow people who otherwise could not afford to go to the theatre, it will cost Barclays a total of i?? 9. 5 million over six years. However for Barclays to keep up with competition in the millennium it was necessary for them to widen their market and a merger with the Woolwich was proposed. Both the chief executive of Woolwich and Barclays realised that they had a shared philosophy, strategy and vision, as well as their views on the future of banking being similar.

As the group members begin to feel more comfortable, you will be able to speak freely. The psychological safety of the group will allow the expression of those feelings which are often difficult to express outside of group. You will begin to ask for the support you need. You will be encouraged tell people what you expect of them.

Certain factors which help for better functioning of group are— group cohesion, group facilitation and group morale. As stated already group cohesion refers to uniformity of opinion of its members. It is necessary for its effectiveness. The group is perceived as 8766 one 8767 . feeling of solidarity exists among members. Group facilitation refers to the facilitating effect of group on performance. This gives members a feeling of contentment. Group morale is a positive group feeling of general satisfaction and enthusiasm for work. In hospitals there will be many groups like doctors, nurses, etc.

Hispanics-6- Ethnic Groups and Discrimination By Tiffany Dade Axia University Of Phoenix Hispanics-7- In one generation Hispanics explored, colonized over half the earth and water.

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