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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 20:02

Jesus was a real person. The Talmud even mentions him. Jews accept that he was a figure in history, but not that he was the Messiah or divine in any way.

Does the Dude Abide by the Tao?: A comparative study of

Furthermore, this is in line with Welch’s interpretation of Lao Tzu: society breeds morality in humans, for the benefit of no one, for Lao Tzu means that human nature is inherently good. Someone who holds the Uncarved Block has returned to humanity’s inherently good, natural state. In the words of Welch: “… it is part of man’s nature to feel compassion and because he feels it, not because he wants to do what is right, he will help the man who fell among thieves.” 75

Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus, why Jews reject Jesus

This analysis will as such focus on two things: religious themes in the film and the emasculation of the American male. This will aid us in understanding what has had the most evident and perceptible role in shaping Dudeism as a religion.

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You are not making sense here. what ?
The jewish religion does have conversion, and accepts people who go through the rules and learning necessary to become jewish halachically.
not exactly why you are feeling sorry for anyone.

I think this is a great article. Though I am a Christian I don't believe what was written in it. I would never argue with a Jewish person about it because I understand completely why they believe what they believe. I consider myself a friend of Isreal and I'm not worried one bit about their salvation God said they are his chosen people and he would save them. So though we believe different starting with the new testiment I still love them and admire the fact my savior came from them though they are not ready to accept that thats fine because I know in the end they are going to be just fine :-)

Thanks for this article it's actually really informative. I was kind of actually looking for the opposite as in why do catholics/christians believe in jesus in the first place but this was still very helpful. My great grandparents were jewish and after that my grandparents discouraged it because they believed it was important to keep there relatives from possibly believing they were superior/inferior as so many people do today. Speaking of this i'd like to also say I appreciate no one writing anything offensive and disrespectful about how us jews or non-believers are going to He LL. This was something I expected to be inevitable given so many believers think this about non-believers.

There's only One God and He is testing us to see if we are faithful to Him. The Almighty God has given us Deuteronomy 68 to help us detect the false prophets.

Thank you rabbi :) I am a convert and have struggled explaining to family why we dont believe in jesus. They have questioned me at length asking if what I say is only my believe or not. Now I can send them all this article explaining much better than I have been able to

You could be on to something..Sounds like you may have a Jewish soul and not even know it. Don't worry, this is a common thing since Judaism believes in reincarnation. Sometimes a Gentile can be born with a Jewish soul, in order for that soul to go thru major learning and challenges before if learns and decided to come home again to the Jewish people. C'mon back Connie!!

I was delighted to find this explanation of why Yidden don't accept Jesus as the Messiah. However, my in my humble understanding, I learned (according to Jewish tradition) that the Messiah will emerge thru the line of King David. or the line of Joseph. Why was the latter not mentioned in this article? If I am meant to trust the contents of this article, I would appreciate the inclusion of all pertinent information.

Even in Christian countries, it is illogical for God to destroy people for understanding the Bible in a manner that differs to that described by the Watchtower. A person reading the Bible without the aid of a Watchtower will never arrive at current Watchtower truth.

Everything i read just gave me a clear understaning about why we did not except JC as messiah bcause of the way we read the sedra if u dont read the whole old Testament u miss think. Now i converted to Judizum about 6 years ago but i converted from Islam so i have never thought of JC as A massiah. And because im African American Most Jews dont except us but truth be told im pretty sure the Israel Lites looked more like me so i pray that more calcation jews start to reconize that. My entire congrecation is African Americanhas been around for more then 55 years

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