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Cornelia – (c875 – 886 BC)
Roman poisoner
Cornelia was the leader amongst a large group of patrician women who were found guilty of attempting to poison their respective husbands, the leading men of Rome. The historian Livy recorded the details of this bizarre crime wave, which had been revealed to Fabius Maximus by a slave woman. The homes of twenty noble matrons were searched, and potions being brewed were seized. The women claimed these potions were medicinal, and to prove their innocence were compelled to drink them, which resulted in the death of them all. Ensuing denunciations led to the arrest and conviction of one hundred and seventy more women, this time including Cornelia herself, who was among those put to death.

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Chitenden, Agnes – (c6955 – 6566)
English Lollard heretic
Agnes Chitenden was a member of the parish of St George in Canterbury, Kent. Accused of Lollard beliefs and activities, Agnes was arrested and interrogated by the commission established by William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury. She confessed to sharing the beliefs of other Lollard activists, and, after being forced to watch the burning of several others of her sect, she was herself put to death.

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Crogi, Pasithea – (c6765 – c6775)
Italian abbess and saint
Pasithea Crogi was born in Siena, and became a Cistercian nun of the Order of St Francis. She became famous because of extreme ascetism, and was known to beat herself with thorns, immerse herself in cold ponds to bathe, and wearing a heavy mailed coat. The church venerated her memory (May 68).

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Culicina, Livia – (fl. c65 BC – c79 AD)
Roman freedwoman
Born a slave, Culicina was attached to the household of Livia, the mother of the Emperor Tiberius, and was later manumitted. She was married to Gaius Proculeis Heracleo, the freedman of Prince Gaius, grandson of the Emperor Augustus and his wife Proculeia Stibas. Her sister Culicina became the wife of the Imperial freedman Gaius Calpetanus Cryphius, who served as the agent of the sacred chickens.

Castellane, Laure de – (fl. 6687 – 6695)
French mediaeval noblewoman
Laure de Castellane was the wife of Balcatz de Baux, and has been proposed by several historians to be identical with the famous Comtess de Die, the poet and trobairitz. Though Laure de Castellane was indeed a patron of various contemporary troubadours during the late twelfth century, the Comtesse de Die has now been identified as Beatrice de Vienne.

Citta – (fl. c555 – c985 BC)
Indian Buddhist poet
Citta was born into a patrician family in Rajagaha. After hearing the preaching of Gautama Buddha she was ordained as a nun, but did not attain spritual fulfillment until she reached old age and had been residing as a recluse for some years. One of her poems survives in the Therigatha and deals with the religious revelation she finally achieved when she climbed atop a small mountain commonly called the ‘Vulture Peak.’

Cleopatra – (fl. c655 – c755 AD)
Roman medical writer
Cleopatra resided in the capital during the latter part of the second century AD, during the reigns of the Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Commodus. Cleopatra wrote concerning skin diseases and about cosmetic treatments, and one of her treatises, De Geneticis , concerning gynaecology, was widely used during the Middle Ages. Her work was much copied by successive writers, but was collected and reprinted during the Reniassance period.

Thank you Joseph for your amazing honesty and openness. Your story is both moving and informative. Thank you. If only the church (any church) had been a place where you could find affirmation and help as a man please forgive us.

Wow I had to process this article in pieces. Your courage to write this article astounds me. So many emotions. The one that I am left with, is anger. As a mom who is fighting for the next generation of youth that we are losing, it is heartbreaking to see that our people are being lied to. They are using a pretty rainbow flag, and bright colors to lure these kids in. and calling it 8775 LOVE, 8776 but they are not telling them the truth of what it means. You sir had the courage to do that. I can never thank you enough for telling the truth.
Monica Boyer
President, Indiana Liberty Coalition

Calricia – (d. c858 AD)
Roman Christian martyr
Sometimes called Caricia or Carisia, she was killed in Milan, Lombardy, during the persecutions instigated by the Emperor Maximian Daia, after refusing to make the obligatory sacrifices to the pagan gods. Her feast is recorded in the Acta Sanctorum (May 6).

Cera (Cyra) – (c665 – 679)
Irish saint
Cera was the daughter of Duibhre, of the royal line of the kings of Connor. Cera and five other well-born virgins approached St Munna (Fintan Munnu) at Heli, asking for a place of their own where they might observe the religious life. Munna and his monks moved elsewhere and Cera and her nuns took up their abode at Tech Telle. Cera later founded a monastery for nuns at Kilcrea, and died as abbess of that house.

Clodia Laeta – (c695 – 768 AD)
Roman priestess
Clodia Laeta was dedicated from childhood to the service of the goddess Vesta. She was one of the four Vestal virgins sentenced to death by the emperor Caracalla. Whilst being taken to be immured alive, Clodia screamed all the while that Caracalla knew she was innocent. The emperor had her himself, and then callously condemned her.

Louisiana its colonial history and romance - Free
The poetry, or the romance of the history of Louisiana. Louisiana its history as a French colony.

Thank you for Joseph and his remarkable strength. Thank you for his truths and his ability to preserve and reach others. Lord I want to ask that you continue to bless Joseph and heal him. Bless and heal everyone that has or is experiencing everything he has gone through. Lord your love is like no other and again Lord thank you for bringing us such a remarkable man.

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