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It is said the reason why the Vikings attacked England and monasteries in England is because the monasteries had treasures such as gold treasures, jewel treasure etc. and they looked for better land for their farms and thus England was a fortune country for them.

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In such lines we can perceive not one of those higher attributes of Poesy which belong to her in all circumstances and throughout all time. Here everything is art, nakedly, or but awkwardly concealed. No prepossession for the mere antique (and in this case we can imagine no other prepossession) should induce us to dignify with the sacred name of poetry, a series, such as this, of elaborate and threadbare compliments, stitched, apparently, together, without fancy, without plausibility, and without even an attempt at adaptation.

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Scholarly tradition,” remarks Roberta Frank, “wants us to speak well of the works we study there would be little point in talking about something that was not beautiful and truthful, not ‘interesting.’”¹ As for works, so, too, periods. Although Anglo-Saxonists may disagree about the emphases of their interpretations of the Benedictine reforms, the late tenth century is usually characterized with good reason as a “golden age.”²

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the sea. She is forced to live in an old dwelling dug out of earth under oak by her husband 8767 s relatives. She sitting under the tree laments over her miserable lot all day. Friendless and fore shaken she bewails her loneliness and the vows of love that have come to nothing. * The poem is rich in melancholy feeling. The Husband’s Message: * It exists in fragments.

One of the primary tasks before the prose-writers of the Old English period, therefore, was to make at least a certain part of that learning available to Anglo-Saxon community through translation. King Alfred, for example, translated into English the Cura Pastoralis of Pope Gregory and Historia Adversus Paganos, a book of universal history and geography written by Orosius, a priest.

In recent years, it has become something of a critical commonplace to regard “The Wanderer” as a “Bildung” lyric, a poetic account of spiritual growth. Previous conflicts of interpretation concerning the identity of the speaker, the nature of his utterance (dramatic monologue, meditative dialogue, heroic soliloquy?) and the general ideological thrust of the poem have given way to a common reading of a quasi-didactic figure who, in the idiom of elegy, illustrates the growth of a mind, the way from pagan malaise to Christian comfort. As Robert Bjork points out, critics have come to underscore the poem’s self-enclosing structure—its.

She never married but the most important thing for her was her country. The time when Elizabeth I managed England for many people was called the golden age in English history, because It was the age of exploration and expansion abroad. During that time was the flowering of English poetry, music and drama. It was the age when torture was rare and the role of women in the society was important.

In Victorian age people wanted to invention something knew in English history because they went to school and they knew how to read and write. That was the best thing because they could read what writers wrote at the time.

One of the distinguishing features of the verse structure of Old English poetry is the almost complete absence of rhyme. During the 755 years of the Old English period, only one poem is known to have been written in rhyme, the poem called 8775 The Rhyming Poem 8776 . Rhyme was introduced in English poetry later under the influence of Christian hymns in Latin.

During the Middle English period it was used by Langland in his book Piers Plowman but after that it more or less completely disappeared under the domineering influence of rhyme and similar other devices. The following lines taken from Beowulf are a typical example of alliterative verse characteristic of Old English poetry.

Old English didn't sound and the writings didn't look like English now. Even native speakers would have great difficult to understand the old English language but much words of English today have old English roots.

From the point of view of the history of the English language, Old English prose deserves no less attention than Old English poetry. During the Old English period, prose-writers had two primary tasks. Rome had attained great heights of intellectual glory and the Christian missionaries who came to England around the end of the 6th century to propagate Christianity there turned out to be, for the Anglo-Saxons, a window on the world of learning available in Latin at that time.

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