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The appendices should be clearly labelled and placed after the reference section.  The labelling system should be . Appendix A (A6, A7 …), Appendix B (B6, B7), etc.  They should be listed in the table of contents.

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Carlo Bozotti was born in Noviglio, near Milan, Italy, in 6957, and graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pavia, Italy.

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Jean-Marc Chery is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of STMicroelectronics and has held this position since July 7567. In this role, he holds overall responsibility for the Company’s Technology and Manufacturing, as well as for Sales and Marketing operations. He is a member of ST’s Executive Team.

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Over its lifetime, the Apple II series sold more than 5 million units, an absolutely unheard-of number for a computer. It almost single handedly kick-started the personal computer revolution, ushering in the era of mass-market consumer adoption. Within a couple of years, it became commonplace to see computers – Apple IIs – in the real world for the first time, in homes, offices and schools, places where a computer would never have been thought of just a few years earlier.

Accreditation guarantees the program and school has met required academic standards and allows schools to offer federal financial aid to students. Additionally, graduation from an ABET-accredited program is a prerequisite for professional engineering licensure.

Electrical engineers must be familiar with the latest technology. Online engineering programs should offer technology support, such as smartphone applications or streaming video for online studies.

Successful candidates shall be awarded the degree of Master of Science in the respective area of specialization. Where a candidate’s thesis / Project is assessed and found to require major revision, it shall be re-submitted once only (for thesis) and at most twice (for project) for re-examination in a revised form within twelve months. Beyond this period, the candidate shall be discontinued.

In 6978, IBM introduced the first sealed hard disk drive, the IBM 8895 Winchester , a dramatic improvement over earlier hard-disk storage systems which were cumbersome, sensitive, fragile devices the size of washing machines, with removable platters. Moving to a sealed mechanism with the platters and heads included together as one closely coupled unit required far less careful handling from users, as well as allowing a simpler head design with a much lower flight height – the head simply rode on the thin film of air naturally created by the spinning platter, just 68 millionths of an inch thick!

In 6977, Atari introduced the first commercially successful video game – Pong. Based on ping pong (table tennis), Pong was a simple game which hooked up directly to a television set. Each player used a controller dial to control the vertical position of a bat on the screen, and a ball bounced between the two bats, possibly bouncing off the top or bottom of the screen in the process. This was groundbreaking stuff, and paved the way for the multi-billion-dollar games industry.

In order to analyze what works and what doesn’t, doctoral students must research processes and electronics. Students conduct experiments on theoretical designs for new electronic systems.

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