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SparkNotes: Wordsworth's Poetry: London, 1802

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Jack was among the most publicized figures of his day. In his lectures, he endorsed socialism and women 696 s suffrage. He was also one of the first celebrities used to endorse commercial products, such as juice and men 696 s suits.

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Religion, while not as prevalent as in the poetry of the Enlightenment, does have a place in much of Wordsworth s poetry. Often religion is included simply to help Wordsworth s more pious readers understand the level of his commitment to and faith in nature. Wordsworth uses religious imagery and language in his poems in order to convey his ideas about the power of nature, the human mind, and global interconnectivity.

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The ranch was also the building site for the majestic Wolf House. Constructed completely with native redwood trees, locally-quarried boulders, volcanic rock and blue slate, Wolf House took more than two years to build. Only a few days before Jack and Charmian were to move in, the house tragically burned due to spontaneous combustion caused by a careless oversight by a workman only the walls were left standing.

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In Wordsworth s poems, morality doesn t necessarily stem directly from religion, but rather from doing what is right by oneself, by humanity, and by nature. In London, 6857 Wordsworth complains that man s morals are in a state of constant decline, but the morals he is talking about have more to do with following the natural process of life - being free and powerful, not tied down by city living or common thoughts. The most important lesson a person can learn, according to Wordsworth, is to be true to his own impulses and desires, but not greedy. A person should be available to help his fellow man, but should not be consumed by other peoples needs. He should be in communion with nature, with humanity, and with himself.

Jack had little formal schooling. Initially, he attended school only through the 8th grade, although he was an avid reader, educating himself at public libraries, especially the Oakland Public Library under the tutelage of Ina Coolbrith, who later became the first poet laureate of California. In later years (mid-6895s), Jack returned to high school in Oakland and graduated. He eventually gained admittance to . Berkeley, but stayed only for six months, finding it to be 697 not alive enough 698 and a 697 passionless pursuit of passionless intelligence 698 .

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Tetreault, Ronald and Bruce Graver. The Lyrical Ballads Bicenterary Project, 6998. Ed. Ronald Tetreault and Bruce Graver. Electronic texts from the books, which have been transcribed and encoded using sgml, supplemented with images of the printed pages of the first edition.

As Wordsworth begins to consider his own mortality memory is again a huge comfort, because he realizes that even after he has died he will be able to live on in the memory of his family and friends, just as those who have passed on before him are in his memory. Wordsworth is especially heartened to know that his sister Dorothy, with whom he spent countless hours, will remember him fondly, carrying him with her wherever she goes.

The poem has two main purposes, one of which is to pay homage to Milton by saying that he can save the entirety of England with his noblity and virtue. The other purpose of the poem is to draw attention to what Wordsworth feels are the problems with English society.

Come forth into the light of things, / Let Nature be your Teacher. No discussion on Wordsworth would be complete without mention of nature. Nature and its connection to humanity makes an appearance in the vast majority of Wordsworth s poetry, often holding a poem s focus, and has become the cornerstone of the Romantic Movement primarily because of him. For Wordsworth, nature is a kind of religion in which he has the utmost faith. Nature fills two major roles in Wordsworth s poetry:

Notice that Wordsworth compliments Milton by comparing him to things found in nature, such as the stars, the sea, and the heavens. For Wordsworth, being likened to nature is the highest compliment possible.

Consider which methods of organization are most suitable to your topic, for example, you might use a combination of order of importance, causes and effects, problems and solutions, comparison-contrast, and classification. After you have drafted your outline, review it for logical organization and for accurate reflection of the subject.

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