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“Most comets don’t achieve such a high brightness, so this is a perfect opportunity to go into dark sky areas, or use your binoculars and telescopes, to watch an easily identifiable comet,” said Mario de Leo Winkler, a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Physics and Astronomy , who is organizing the viewing. “Predicting how the brightness of the comet will evolve with time is a very hard task and full of unexpected changes. Lovejoy C7569/Q7 entered the naked-eye visibility threshold – brightness magnitude 6 or less – in mid-December and is expected to stay that way until mid-February. Peak brightness is expected in mid-January, around magnitude.”

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University of California, Riverside scientists are working on the Compact Muon Sollenoid ( CMS ) experiment in the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) at CERN. A team led by John Ellison , a professor of physics and astronomy , has been examining CMS data to look for evidence of a “Majorana neutrino.” Ellison’s team led the search and developed most of the analysis techniques. The team also performed most of the analysis. The research paper can be found here.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( ) — Galaxies formed and grew billions of years ago by accumulating gas from their surroundings, or colliding and merging with other galaxies. These early stages of galaxy assembly are believed to be accompanied by episodes of rapid star formation, known as starbursts, and rapid growth of a single super-massive black hole in the galactic centers.


The University of Canberra has signed an MoU with Soochow University to provide more opportunities for students to study a University of Canberra degree

On February 9 th , CMS celebrated the CMS Achievement Awards 7569. In total 78 CMS members received this special recognition for their contributions to the CMS experiment.
Dr. Martina Malberti was among the 78 CMS members who received the special recognition.

Life at Berkeley blends research and reflection, the scientific with the artistic, and the scholarly with the athletic. Our students come from different places and backgrounds, but together they create a diverse and kinetic community that seeks to create a better world.

Quasars can eject material at high speeds, possibly helping to drive the blowout and regulate star formation in their host galaxies. However, many aspects of this evolutionary scheme are not understood. Quasars that are partially obscured by dust, which reddens their light in a way that is similar to the sun viewed during sunsets on earth, might provide windows into galactic evolution during the brief transition stage when the starburst is winding down and the visibly luminous quasar is first being revealed in the galactic center.

The award, which recognizes originality, depth of research, significance of findings and historical interest, was presented to Gabor at SPIE Optics + Photonics: Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Associated Devices by the conference chairs for his research on graphene optoelectronics.

“Something about having close neighbors inhibits forming stars,” said Gillian Wilson, professor of physics and astronomy at UC Riverside and leader of a 75-member international team that recently made a groundbreaking – or perhaps more appropriately, space-shattering – discovery.

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